Great apps for editing videos for iPhone

best free app for video editing for iphone


apps for editing videos for iPhone : The iPhone camera has clearly improved over the years, so that a 4K video can be recorded in this stunning technique that illustrates the smallest detail in the scene. But sometimes, after recording a video that needs some adjustments like adding color filters, cutting a part, changing the position of the video .. and other tasks.

I do not think you need to transfer the video to the computer in order to achieve this, but you can download a small application on the phone and the task is easy. Here we will explore together the good video editing application for iPhone and all of them are absolutely free applications.

Great apps for editing videos for iPhone
Great apps for editing videos for iPhone

apps for editing videos for iPhone

1. iMovie application

Is a formal application developed by Apple and available for both iOS devices as well as MacOS computers. It is the best video editing program for iPhone that you can experiment with without a doubt you will have a unique experience. The application provides you with a simple environment and basic tools to get the best possible result in video editing. You can do the following:

1. iMovie application
iMovie application
  • Merge a group of photos or videos into a single video.
  • Split the video into several parts.
  • Cut and delete any part of the content of the clip.
  • Speed ​​up and slow video content.
  • Add color filters to your video.
  • Add written and mimic texts to video.
  • Use professional filmmaking templates.
  • And countless other features provided by this application to modify your videos professionally and at the same time easy and fun.


2. Splice Application

Is one of good video editing application for iPhone, and professional video editing application, and is one of GoPro’s industry’s best-definition cameras in the world. The application has an easy-to-handle graphical interface so you’ll feel editing videos is as normal as editing a photo. Orders are ordered and can be quickly navigated, and be sure you’ll see amazing results once the edit is over. Some things you can do with this application are:

2. Splice Application
Splice Application
  • Cut parts of the video.
  • Copy and add photos to your video.
  • Write on video and add stickers.
  • Add slow motion to the part in the video.
  • Add music to video.
  • Ability to share video directly on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram.


3.  Quik Application 

Is another good video editing application for iPhone developed by GoPro to modify the video through your iPhone, which is not much different from the application Splice, but it includes more professional options and offers additional advantages such as importing images from Facebook or Instagram directly and converted to a video,

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3.  Quik Application
Quik Application

adding special color effects on the video, To delete certain frames from the video, the wonderful thing about the application is that you can select music from the phone and sync it to the video automatically without any interference from you. Once the edit is complete you can share the video directly via social media.


4. Cameo App

If you do not find what you need to modify your videos in the above applications, you may find it in the Cameo application, which includes many tools for professional video editing, with a clean and intuitive user interface.

apps for editing videos for iPhone
Cameo App
  • Edit and save videos with any resolution whether 720p, 1080p, 4k.
  • Share videos directly to your accounts or save them to your phone.
  • Color adjustment, brightness level, contrast, etc.
  • Add music to your video.
  • Cut and split video.
  • Ability to add text and images to video.
  • Ad-free.


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