How to download music on iPhone 6 / 6 Plus In easy and simple ways

How to Download Free Music on iPhone 6/6 Plus


Are you looking for an application to download music on your new iPhone 6? Well, there are several that you could try … if you want I can help you find the one that best suits your needs.

How to download music on iPhone 6 / 6 Plus In easy and simple ways
How to download music on iPhone 6

Currently the legal offer for downloading music on the iPhone is divided into applications for streaming music (which through their subscription plans allow you to download music offline), digital stores through which to buy individual songs and music albums and services to download free ringtones. Then there would also be to consider the apps that allow you to download music for free online from emerging bands and artists … but we’ll talk about this later.

For the moment let’s focus on the most “popular” solutions and see how to download music on iPhone 6 using them. In one way or another I assure you that you will be able to enrich your music library with minimal effort (and above all without spending exorbitant amounts). Have fun!

Warning: illegal downloading of copyrighted music from the Internet is a crime. This tutorial was written for illustrative purposes only and I take no responsibility for the use that could be made of the information present in it.

How to download music on iPhone 6 /6 Plus

iTunes Store

iTunes Store
How to Download Free Music on iPhone 6/6 Plus

Let’s start from the iTunes Store, Apple’s music store, which allows you to buy individual songs or entire albums in digital format without DRM (so without digital “padlocks”) and without subscribing to subscriptions.

The price of the albums is between 10 and 15 euros but there are also special offers that include the sale of albums for about 5 euros. The individual songs, on the other hand, are paid 99 cents or 1.29 euros each. Unfortunately there is no free content.

To buy music from the iTunes Store, presses on the icon of the musical note on a violet background located on the home screen of your iPhone. Then locate the song or album of your interest and press it first on the button with the price and then on the item Buy album / Buy the song. If you want, you can also listen to a preview of the songs to buy, just press on their title.

To find a song or album on iTunes, you can take advantage of the Search function of the store (the magnifying glass icon located in the lower center) or you can browse the categories available on the Music tab (the music note icon located below left).

In the music tab you can take a look at what are the most recent releases (or in any case the most prominent titles), while by selecting the Rankings tab at the top right you can find out what are the most “quoted” songs, albums and video clips of the moment.

Apple Music – music streaming with offline support 

Apple Music - music streaming with offline support 
Apple Music

Another solution that you could seriously consider is Apple Music, the music streaming service that Apple has launched to counteract the overwhelming power of Spotify. By subscribing to a subscription to Apple Music, which costs 9.99 euros a month after a 90-day free trial period (without restrictions or renewal obligations), you can download music on iPhone 6 without paying a penny more than the monthly fee of the service.

Furthermore, by activating the free iCloud Music Library service, you can synchronize the contents of Apple Music with those of iTunes on your computer and have a single synchronized music library on all the devices connected to your Apple ID. The only downside to the whole thing is that the music downloaded via Apple Music must necessarily be played through the iOS Music app or via iTunes on the computer (as it contains DRMs).

So, what do you think? If the Apple Music option appeals to you, all you have to do is open the Music application on your iPhone (the icon of the musical note on a white background located on the home screen), select the tab For you that is at the bottom on the left and activate your subscription to Apple Music. If you don’t find the option to activate Apple Music, go to the Settings> Music menu on iOS and make sure that the Show Apple Music function is set to ON (otherwise activate it).

Now all you have to do is select the News tab or the For you tab of the Music app, locate a song or album of your interest and add it to your music library. To add a song or album to your music library, first press on the icon (…) located next to its title and then on the + button in the menu that opens.

Then, to make the contents available offline, select the Music tab located at the bottom right, presses the icon (…) located next to the title of the song or album to be downloaded and select the cloud icon from the menu that opens .

Spotify  – music streaming with offline support 

Spotify  - music streaming with offline support 

Spotify is the most famous music streaming service in the world and among its functions there is also the one to download music offline. As well as Apple Music, Spotify also allows you to save music locally only to users who subscribe to a paid subscription of 9.99 euros / month (although unlike the Apple service it also provides a free basic plan), but for new customers a free 30-day trial period is available (without renewal).

Once you have subscribed to your Spotify Premium subscription, use the Navigate section of the app to find the most interesting songs or albums of the moment, or start a search by selecting the appropriate item from the left sidebar (which appears by pressing the icon to burger located at the top left) and identifies content of your interest.

At this point, press the icon (…) located next to the title of the song, album or playlist that you want to download offline and select the Save item from the menu that appears. This will add it to your music library.

Subsequently, presses the hamburger icon located at the top left, select the item Your music from the sidebar and enter the Tracks, Album or Playlist section of your library on Spotify (depending on the content you want to download locally).

Finally, make “tap” on the content to be downloaded, turn ON the lever relative to the option available offline and you’re done. Tracks downloaded offline with Spotify are DRM protected and cannot be played with other apps (while they are accessible from PCs, smartphones and tablets associated with your account via the Spotify app). If you need more information on how Spotify works or how to download songs from Spotify, take a look at the tutorials I wrote on the subject.

Zedge  – free ringtones 

Zedge  - free ringtones 

Are you looking for free ringtones to personalize your iPhone 6? Then I strongly suggest you to download Zedge, one of the most famous apps for downloading wallpapers, themes and ringtones for smartphones. Unfortunately, due to the restrictions imposed by iOS on third-party applications, it cannot automatically set the songs downloaded from the Internet as a ringtone (you must copy them momentarily on your PC and synchronize them again with the iPhone via iTunes) but it remains an unmissable app.

To download a ringtone from Zedge, start the application, accept its conditions of use and presses the hamburger icon at the top left. At this point, select the Ringtones item from the application sidebar, press the Close button and find a ringtone of your interest among those available for download. You can browse the Zedge ringtones based on various criteria: editorial recommended ringtones (Featured), popular ringtones (Popular), new releases (Recent) and ringtones divided by belonging music genre (Categories tab).

Once you have identified the ringtone of your interest, presses on its title, select the share icon located at the bottom (the arrow inside the square) and choose the Save ringtone option from the menu that appears. Once the download is complete, all you have to do is copy the ringtones to your PC and synchronize it with the iPhone using the iTunes file sharing function. You will find detailed information on all the steps to take in my post on how to put a song as a ringtone on the iPhone.

Jamendo  – free music to download for free 

Jamendo  - free music to download for free 

Have you ever heard of Jamendo? No? So I guess you missed a lot of good music! Jamendo is one of the most famous Internet sites dedicated to “free” music, the one produced by bands and emerging artists (but not only) who have agreed to distribute their work online for free. Think, some tracks, those released under Creative Commons license, can be used even in personal and commercial projects at no cost.

Jamendo is also available as an iPhone app, and through this app you can both listen and download music of all genres completely for free. Find it all in the application’s Browse tab, where there are menus to browse the most popular Songs, Albums and Artists of the moment.

When you find a song or album that interests you, tap on its cover to start playing it and press the cloud icon located at the bottom left to download the offline content. The operation is completed, to listen to the songs downloaded locally you will have to go to the tab My music of the app of the app.

Copy music from computer to iPhone
Copy music from computer to iPhone
Copy music from computer to iPhone

Have you downloaded songs on your PC, would you like to transfer them to your iPhone 6 but you still don’t know how to do it? In this case, all you have to do is connect the phone to the PC (or Mac), open iTunes and choose which tracks to copy or synchronize with yours.

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