How to fix a battery problem on the iPhone X?


New users are complaining about reduced battery life on their Apple phones. Here’s how to fix it.

According to a post published on Reddit , there would still be problems with the recharging of the Californian standard-bearer which equips many people. Already targeted by a number of class actions *, Apple has since developed its products to such an extent that the next one, the iPhone XR, has apparently not experienced similar setbacks.

However, if you realize that you can no longer hold a few hours without having to plug in your iPhone X , then know that there are some solutions, failing to have taken precautions to avoid such damage .

A choice

To get started, be sure to check the status of your battery to make sure it’s a hardware problem, not a software problem:

  1. Launch the Settings app
  2. Access the Battery menu
  3. Click on Battery status

Apple then informs you of the good or bad health of the key component of your device, as a percentage. This indicates how much your battery capacity has been retained since the phone was purchased: a very good indicator of reliability .

If this number is close to 100, then you are probably the victim of an iOS bug and the best is to go to an Apple Store to find out more. Otherwise, you can:

  • acquire an external battery (ideally it should be at least 3000 mAh is about as much as the original, to be able to charge the laptop at least once)
  • replace the battery with a new one 


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