How to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone easily

How to TRANSFER MUSIC from old iPhone to new iPhone


How to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone ? . A friend of yours asked you if you want to pass him a song or an audio file you uploaded to your iPhone but don’t know how to do it? Quiet, there is no need to go through the PC or iTunes. Just use Hoccer.

How to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone easily
How to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone

Hoccer is a free application that allows you to transfer music files, contacts, videos and photos between two iPhones, an iPhone and an iPad or even between Android devices by simply placing the two terminals next to each other and pushing the data with your finger from transfer. Do not you believe it? Then read How to Transfer Music from iPhone to iPhone in the guide I’m about to offer you and try it too.

If you want to find out How to Transfer Music from iPhone to iPhone easily, open the App Store, search for the Hoccer application and install it on yours. At this point, start the app, allow it to use your current position (in this way, Hoccer will be able to “see” and identify nearby iPhones to exchange data with them) and presses the Continue button to start use it immediately.

Hoccer – the secure Messenger

If you want to learn more about the application and have a couple of minutes of free time, you can also press on Show tutorial and follow the short initial Hoccer guide that shows in detail all the main functions of the application. The choice is yours, the app is so easy to use!

Hoccer – the secure Messenger
Hoccer the secure Messenger

To exchange music between iPhones using Hoccer, the application must be running on both phones, both the one that must send the songs and the one that must receive the music files, and the two terminals must be next to each other.

At this point, on the iPhone that has to send a song to the other, presses first on the Content button located at the bottom left and then on the Audio button that appears above it. Then reply OK to the message that warns you that the transfer times of the audio files can be long and selects the song to be sent to the other “iPhone by” from the music library.

Now, use your finger to move the newly selected song to the other iPhone (just swipe left or right) and continue dragging on the other phone, taking the file to the center of the display. Transfer times vary depending on the size of the song to be copied from one iPhone to another, even if it usually takes a few seconds.

exchange music between iPhones using Hoccer
exchange music between iPhones using Hoccer

When completed, you can freely listen to the songs exchanged between the two iPhones using the multimedia control buttons included in Hoccer or export the songs to other applications installed on the phone.

To do this, press the button with the arrow located next to each song (Open in) and select the app where you want to transfer it from the list that appears. Unfortunately at the moment it is not possible to make a direct transfer of the songs to the Music app of iOS.


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