how to have night mode on all iPhone and iPad In easy ways

How to Enable Dark Mode on your iPhone and iPad


how to have night mode on all iPhone:  For all those who do not have an iPhone 11 or 11 Pro, and want to take photos at night, there is a solution!

The iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max are the first models to incorporate a night mode that works remarkably well. We tested it with the iPhone 11 Pro and the results are quite impressive.

how to have night mode on all iPhone

It is not the only smartphone to offer night mode, the Pixel 3 which is less powerful than an iPhone XR or XS and which has a single sensor offers a great night mode. This night mode is largely based on the software, so we looked on the App Store, if it was possible to add the night mode to old iPhone with an application.

how to have night mode on all iPhone

Night photos with old iPhones

We found it, and this application is called Neural Cam , it allows for example to take photos during the night, selfies in the evening when there is little light (and without using the flash which gives awful photos), or close-up macro photos with little light.

Here is a video demo :

You need at least an iPhone 6 to use this application. Note that the more recent the iPhone, the better the quality of the photo taken.

It is possible to use the rear camera, but also the selfie camera. But according to our tests, we recommend that you use the rear camera instead, you will have better results.

The app will take a series of photos and combine them using artificial intelligence and computerized photography, to produce a photo as if it had been taken with the night mode of the iPhone 11 Pro.

We recommend that you stay very still or use a tripod while taking photos to get the best possible results. We can also mention the possibility of adjusting the focus manually or automatically.

Do not hesitate to test the three settings, manual, midrange, or autofocus for better shots. The result is quite good, even if it is not quite at the level of what the night mode of the iPhone 11 Pro can do.

But it allows you to go from photos that look like nothing to brighter photos that you can keep and share. Here are comparative shots taken with an iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone X using NeuralCam.


The app developer is preparing a big update that should further improve the quality of Neural Cam night mode shots.

It is a paid app, but not very expensive compared to what it brings is a night mode, and above all it allows you to take photos when there is very little light whether it is indoors or outdoors , or even overnight.

Use Dark Mode on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

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