Synchronize your messages between your iPhone and your Mac


Write SMS from your Mac

Let’s start with the Continuity feature which allows you to send all messages with your Mac as if it were your iPhone. For iMessages this does not change anything since they always use the internet (phone plan or Wi-Fi). Regarding SMS and MMS (or calls) sent from your Mac, they use the phone plan of your iPhone.

For this, your devices must be close with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth activated.

To be able to correctly activate the SMS transfer on your iPhone, your Mac must first have requested it.

  • Turn on your Mac;
  • Open the Messages app .

If this is the first time, a notification will appear, especially on your iPhone, asking you for authorization for this new device to use Messages (and FaceTime ) with your credentials .

If no notification has arrived, you may have already received it the first time. Regardless of your current or previous response, it is possible to withdraw access and allow it at will. It happens on your iPhone.

  • Open Settings > Messages > SMS forwarding ;
  • Authorize your Mac from the list of devices that have requested access.

Note: Each user session must be approved. It is therefore possible to have your Mac twice in this list if you have 2 user sessions.

Activate iCloud Messages for synchronization

You have seen how to send SMS from your Mac. If you can synchronize your messages between your Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac), it would be even better, right?

When you activate iCloud Messages , it means that all your messages sent and received on your iPhone will be on iCloud. Thus, all your others, devices with this feature activated, will be able to synchronize your messages.

In addition to always being connected with the same iCloud ID, it is necessary to have an internet connection, preferably over Wi-Fi for the first time. Why ? The first time, you have to synchronize all your history, this requires a good connection so that it does not last 3 hours. In addition, your internet package may decrease at high speed (the battery too …). For the rest, with a synchronization, one by one, of message, it will be much faster and less greedy.

On iOS

To activate iCloud Messages, everything is done in Settings > your identifier> iCloud then activate Messages .

On macOS 

Now that your iPhone is able to send messages to iCloud, it would be interesting to configure your Mac so that it can receive them. In the same principle, iCloud Messages must be activated.

  • Open the Messages app ;
  • Go to Messages > Preferences > iMessages > Settings ;
  • Check that the Apple identifier and the same as the Apple iCloud identifier of your iPhone, if it is different Close the session and connect with the correct identifiers;
  • Check Activate this account and Activate Messages on iCloud ;
  • Click Synchronize to force immediate synchronization.

Synchronization may not be instant. It will depend on your history to synchronize, the more data there will be, the longer it will be, and on your internet connection. Give your devices some time to send and load the data.


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